Sexual Harassment In Online Gaming, On the Rise

Despite that it’s a macho environment, the number of woman in online gaming is growing fast.

In the United States alone, 42 percent of women represent the boom, however, sexual harassment has become a huge issue.

According to the website, Fat, Ugly, or Slutty, it’s not uncommon for woman gamers to receive threats or vulgar comments from their male counterparts.

Another site, Not In the Kitchen Anymore, chronicles such incidents from the perspective of the site’s creator.

BBC News reports the following example from the site’s creator:

We’re sitting in her living room in Wisconsin, listening to audio recordings she makes when she goes online to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It’s a combat-based video game, where players can talk to each other via headsets.

The recordings end up on Haniver’s website, Not in the Kitchen Any More. She plays in the evening after college and says most nights she’ll have to deal with harassment of some kind. Some of it just puerile, but some is graphic and threatening.

“This enemy player backed out of the middle of the match and sent me a voice message,” Haniver says, remembering her worst experience. He said he hoped she would be raped and she and her family killed.

It’s very unfortunate that women indeed are subjected to such abrasive language and behavior. I thought that the point of online gaming was to include everyone, regardless of physical differences.

How do you feel about the rise in sexual harassment in online gaming?

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