Link Building: Very Important Component to a SEO Campaign

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  1. 6 years ago

    Everyone that has commented on the rcitale declaring that SEO techniques are NOT effective (if they’re not too young!) probably recognizes that SEO is a technique where only the name has changed and not the technique itself. As software engineers are not stupid, referring to Google’s corporate team (and Google’s corporate team should know more about their own search engine than anyone else they built it!), however, Google is a corporation where the heart of their business module is getting their client’s and customer’s information indexed through their search engine. As with Google’s corporate business model, the corporation (Google) as with any corporation will not effectively commit suicide. Therefore, as you may say what Google will and will not allow. Google’s art of doing business changes according to what’s current to bring in more business such as SEO. Google absorbed the techniques into it business model due to the Adwords campaign failing. Any person that has stock in Google Corp understands that statement. Website Designers also understand the term doing business effectively. That means making the sale, making the products or services sale, pleasing clients and customers, and improving upon or innovating technology. SEO professionals or not are nor more and no less in a position than any web designer or consultant.