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Nearly 6 years ago

Family Robbed after Teenager Posts Pictures of Cash on Facebook

Social Networking sites can link people who may or may not know one another from anywhere in the world, however, posting some things can

Nearly 6 years ago

Facebook Ruins Marriages; Inspiries

Every aspect of life has been affected by social media, unfortunately, this includes marriage and relationships. Facebook is currently being faced with some criticisms

Nearly 6 years ago

Social Media Helps Black Man Kicked Out of Racist Bar

You would think that in 2012, the idea of exclusion due to one’s color of their skin would be reserved for the pages of

Nearly 6 years ago

Florida Couple Accused of Murder; Used Google and Facebook to Broadcast

Well, some technology innovations that are intended for good, eventually wind up being used for evil. A Florida couple accused of murdering a 19-year-old

Nearly 6 years ago

Social Media Login Can Only Enhance Your Website

For years businesses and organizations have utilized the user login method to allow their viewers to create user accounts. With the explosion in popularity

Nearly 6 years ago

Cloud Storage: A Revolutional Method in Computer Backup

When I started college in the mid-90s, I was introduced to what is now considered to be a very archaic method of computer file