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Nearly 3 years ago

Love Emoji Icons? How About a Social Networking Site?

By Rashid S. Umar If you love to send text messages to your friends and loved ones with a smiley face or some other

Nearly 3 years ago

Which is Better Isis Mobile Wallet or Google Wallet?

I’ll be honest, I hate carrying cash on me. More so, I’m not a big fan of having a wallet either. There’s nothing worst

Nearly 3 years ago

No More Profile Images in Search Results for Google Authorship

Written by Rashid S. Umar If you’re planning to post content via your Google + Page to gain authority thorough authorship, don’t expect to

Nearly 4 years ago

Study: Social Media Networking Sites Can Make You Fat and Poor

The next time you try to remedy those depressing feelings of your bank account amount being low, or your physical appearance by logging onto

Nearly 5 years ago

Reaction to Stacy Dash’s Romney Endorsement Needs to be Put in Check

My name is Rashid Umar and I am guilty. I am guilty of initially reacting to Stacey Dash’s Twitter endorsement of Republican Presidential Nominee

Nearly 5 years ago

Reaction to Stacey Dash’s Twitter Endorsement of Mitt Romney Brings Out Racial Backlash

Written by Rashid S. Umar As the run for the 2012 White House heats up, one celebrity endorsement on Twitter has been a hot

Nearly 5 years ago

L.A Resturant Offers Discount if You Check in Your Phone

It seems that some restaurants are looking for new ways to draw customers in, even if it means sacrificing your mobile device. According to

Nearly 5 years ago

“Facedeals” Camera Allows for Facial Check-in on Facebook and Store Discounts

Smile for the camera, that is, if you want to let your friends know where you are, while receiving a discount at dinner. Red

Nearly 5 years ago

Pinterest Now Open to all Social Network Users

Like a snowball rolling downhill into an avalanche, Pinterest has become so popular that it is ditching its “invite only” policy. A blog post

Nearly 5 years ago

YouTube Releases Face-blurring Tool, Enabling Regretful Behavior on Videos

For those users who stand to lose more than your family’s respect from a not-so innocent video posted on YouTube, don’t fret, the network