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Nearly 3 years ago

Kansas City Resturant Owner Craftily Responds to Negative Yelp Review

In the spirit of good vibrations stemming from the Kansas City Royals, getting to the World Series, it seems as though the residents of

Nearly 3 years ago

When’s The Best Day and Time to Post on Social Media?

If you’re a business owner or an aspiring social media manager in training, you may be a bit discouraged that your content isn’t becoming

Nearly 3 years ago

Follow Us for Live Updates on Social Good Summit 2014

The fifth installment of the Social Good Summit 2014 has begun in New York City and has become bigger than ever! The summit, which

Nearly 3 years ago

Growth Hacking Strategies to Increase Website Traffic (Infographic)

You’re a start up company that’s looking to gain some viewers immediately. However, due to your budget, you’re not quite ready to begin a

Nearly 3 years ago

Social Media Real-time Reaction to Apple Event 9/9/14

One the eve of the latest Apple Product Launch event, there is much anticipation from industry experts and consumers. Although the tech giant has

Nearly 3 years ago

Here are 5 New Social Networking Sites Worthy Exploring

If you’re a longtime subscriber of Twitter or Facebook you may have begun to get bored with these sites. Perhaps it’s time to explore

Nearly 3 years ago

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Draws Ire From California Residents

The summer of 2014 has proven to be a tough one in the State of California. In the mist of perhaps the worse drought

Nearly 4 years ago

How to Disable those Annoying Facebook Messenger Notifications

As a faithful mobile user, you decided to download the new Facebook Messenger app for your Android or iPhone. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Nearly 4 years ago

Social Media World Reponds to Paul George Injury

Following the devastatingly gruesome lower leg injury that ended Indiana Pacers’ allstar¬†Paul George’s season, the sports world, news outlets, fans and casual observers have

Nearly 4 years ago

How Do You Like Your Shortened URL: or

Last week, I received an email from a group forum dedicated to discussions on social media, and an interesting question was posed about shortened