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Nearly 5 years ago

Tired of Cables? Try an Alternative: Smallest iPhone Charger

As technology continues to progess, devices continue to get smaller. If you’re an iPhone user, chances are that you’ve carried around Apple’s charger adapter

Nearly 5 years ago

McDonald’s Photoshop Magic in Burger Ads

We’ve all been there, we’ve seen how juicy and erect (get your mind out of the gutta) those burgers in the Mickey D’s ads

Nearly 5 years ago

Study: iPhone Customers Admit to Using Phone During Sex

It’s just a simple decision between living without one or the other. A recent survey conducted by (the company that buys your old

Nearly 5 years ago

Apple Granted Patent for Remote Steering Controls to Curb Driving Distractions

Now, what are we to think of this? PatentlyApple reports that Apple has been granted a patent for a steering-wheel-mounted remote control for various

Nearly 5 years ago

How to Track When Other People are Using Your Online Media Uploads

If you are a member of the online community, i.e. social networking sites, then there’s a chance that you’ve uploaded pictures or videos of

Nearly 5 years ago

AT&T to Create Air Graffiti App; Places Memories “In the Air”

How cool would it be to have an online platform that allows you to store information in the “Air”.  Well,  this idea is being

Nearly 5 years ago

Is The Hopper From Dish Network Breaking the Law?

For some time now, TV networks have been hard at work fighting the DVR technology that allow’s viewers to skip through commercials during their

Nearly 5 years ago

PIP TV isn’t Enough for Me!

By Rashid S. Umar It’s no secret that I am a huge sports fan.  When it comes to the four majors, basketball, baseball, football,

Nearly 5 years ago

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Computerized Lens Would Change How We Access Information

by Rashid S. Umar With the recent news that Google is developing the “Google Glass” technology, which would allow users to access and control

Nearly 6 years ago

Breaking the Ice: A Blog Post About How One Got Started in Online Media

Back in 2008, I applied for a job as a production assistant for a major television studio here in Los Angeles.  A week after