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Nearly 3 years ago

Apple Pay or Google Wallet, How Do They Compare?

With the recent launch of iOS 8.1, Apple has also introduced Apple Pay, the new NFC payment system to the public. I was interested

Nearly 3 years ago

Hubspot Inbound 2014 Live Updates!

Over 10,000 marketers have descended upon Boston for the four day extravaganza known as Inbound 2014. The annual conference features speakers in the industry

Nearly 4 years ago

Looking for an Online Banking Change? Try These Debit Card Options

Written by Rashid S. Umar Ready to Try an Online Banking Alternative? We all can understand that financial holes are tough to dig out

Nearly 5 years ago

Rich Internet Applications and Scripting Languages in Class

Written by Rashid S. Umar During the current semester of my final leg of Graduate School, I’m finding out more that I’d imagine. With

Nearly 5 years ago

YouTube Confession: Vintage Television Commericals Still Have an Effect

Written by Rashid S. Umar One day, back during my undergraduate days, the thought of an old Wendy’s commercial crossed my mind, so I

Nearly 5 years ago

Business Card Design: Is Website Screenshot Okay?

Recently, I posted a question on LinkedIn on whether it’s a good idea to use a screenshot of a website as a design on

Nearly 5 years ago

10 Commandments of Mobile User Experience

by Rashid S. Umar Ponder this for a second, Apple Inc. revealed, this past spring, that over 25 million apps had been downloaded from

Nearly 6 years ago

Will Linking to Online Copyrighted Material One Day Be Illegal?

Whether you like it or not, online piracy is illegal, particularly uploading copyrighted videos for others to download. Various courts throughout the nation have

Nearly 6 years ago

New Online Tool Looks to Beautify Craigslist Ads

What do you do when you want to perform a high-tech makeover?  Well, develop an online tool, of course. With that being said, soon

Nearly 6 years ago

Student Texts Worry About Doing So While Driving, Ironically Drives Off Cliff

So, all those PSAs, brochures, and laws about the dangers of texting and driving tend to fall on dead ears unless some drastic happens?