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Nearly 5 years ago

Memorial Day: A Time to Reflect, Spend Time with Family, Abandon Smartphone and Internet

Recently, I’ve been busy working on some personal web projects, i.e. websites and social media campaigns, and my wife suggested that I may have

Nearly 5 years ago

Mobile App Exposes Bad Parking; Humilates Drivers

Have you ever wanted to rail against someone who parked their car half-assed?  I sure have. Well, if you lived in Moscow, Russia, you’d

Nearly 5 years ago

Goaline Technology May Be Headed to English Football

The Premier League announced today that Goaline Technology could be brought in halfway through next season in an attempt to minimize any goal scoring

Nearly 5 years ago

Social Media Login Can Only Enhance Your Website

For years businesses and organizations have utilized the user login method to allow their viewers to create user accounts. With the explosion in popularity

Nearly 5 years ago

New York Post Columnist Racially Blasts Brooklyn Nets; Jay-Z

In today’s edition of the New York Post, columnist Phil Mushnick expressed his thoughts about mega hip hop mogul, Sean Carter’s — aka Jay-Z

Nearly 5 years ago

Former NFL Linebacker Junior Seau Commits Suicide; May be Linked to Others

According to confirmed reports, former NFL player Junior Seau committed suicide at his Southern California home on Wednesday. Officers responded to a medical aid

Nearly 5 years ago

Facebook Allows Users to Donate Organs

I must admit that when I first read about this, I instantly thought that this was some sort of gag from The Onion or

Nearly 5 years ago

Job Search News: Should You Upgrade to a Paid Account with Linkedin?

While job searching, it’s a safe bet that you’re utilizing a number of job search websites.  Chances are that you’ve already opened a Linkedin

Nearly 5 years ago

Ode to the Newly Retired Pudge Rodriguez

By Rashid S. Umar In baseball news, longtime catcher, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez announced his retirement from the Major Leagues after 21 seasons. Upon hearing

Nearly 6 years ago

420 Day: A Day for Counterculture and Weed Smoke

by Rashid S. Umar Happy Cannabis Day!  Today is 4/20 (or 420) and marks the day that Cannabis counterculture, medical patients, legal reformers, and