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Nearly 4 years ago

Looking for an Online Banking Change? Try These Debit Card Options

Written by Rashid S. Umar Ready to Try an Online Banking Alternative? We all can understand that financial holes are tough to dig out

Nearly 5 years ago

2012: The Year of Lessons Learned before Moving Forward

Written by Rashid S. Umar As the year 2012 winds down and the next chapter in our numerical calendar begins, I thought it was

Nearly 5 years ago

Study: Social Media Networking Sites Can Make You Fat and Poor

The next time you try to remedy those depressing feelings of your bank account amount being low, or your physical appearance by logging onto

Nearly 5 years ago

Beware of the ‘Death Stare’: Lakers Fire Coach Mike Brown

by Rashid S. Umar Excuse me if I sound cliché’, but oh man, if looks could kill.  Well, in the world of high-profile basketball,

Nearly 5 years ago

YouTube Confession: Vintage Television Commericals Still Have an Effect

Written by Rashid S. Umar One day, back during my undergraduate days, the thought of an old Wendy’s commercial crossed my mind, so I

Nearly 5 years ago

Reaction to Stacy Dash’s Romney Endorsement Needs to be Put in Check

My name is Rashid Umar and I am guilty. I am guilty of initially reacting to Stacey Dash’s Twitter endorsement of Republican Presidential Nominee

Nearly 5 years ago

Reaction to Stacey Dash’s Twitter Endorsement of Mitt Romney Brings Out Racial Backlash

Written by Rashid S. Umar As the run for the 2012 White House heats up, one celebrity endorsement on Twitter has been a hot

Nearly 5 years ago

49ers Vernon Davis’ Touchdown Dunk Blocked by Crossbar

During the third quarter of there game with the host Green Bay Packers at historic Lambeau Field,  San Francisco 49ers’ Tight End Vernon Davis

Nearly 5 years ago

Metta World Peace Chases Olympic Dreams on Nick Jr.

The 2012 Summer Olympic games have come and gone as the United States dominated in the overall medal count. With the USA Basketball team

Nearly 5 years ago

Doping in Sports Again Making Major Headlines

Last night before I went to bed, a report came across the newswires that former seven-time Tour De France champion Lance Armstrong would not