Kobe Meets Dwights Elbows with Slaps, Reaffirms “Dislike” (Video)

kobe dwight howard altercation

As you watched it unfold, you knew something was going to happen. For the first time since his departure for Houston in 2013, Dwight Howard saw Kobe Bryant on the court during an NBA game. The two, who clashed during their one season together on the Lakers in 2012-13, immediately began trash-talking each other and […]

Apple Pay or Google Wallet, How Do They Compare?


With the recent launch of iOS 8.1, Apple has also introduced Apple Pay, the new NFC payment system to the public. I was interested in how it compared to the Google Wallet – so I went exploring. So, how does the Apple Pay and Google Wallet compare to each other? Apple Pay What is Apple […]

Kansas City Resturant Owner Craftily Responds to Negative Yelp Review


In the spirit of good vibrations stemming from the Kansas City Royals, getting to the World Series, it seems as though the residents of the city will not allow for anything to ruin the current mood of the region. Case in point, the owner of Voltaire, a local restaurant that prides itself on providing great […]

When’s The Best Day and Time to Post on Social Media?


If you’re a business owner or an aspiring social media manager in training, you may be a bit discouraged that your content isn’t becoming a hit like you hoped. Besides, if you post all that beautiful blog content or clever antidotes at random times, it should get some attention, right? Well, as many of us […]

Samsung Can Prove That The Galaxy Note 4 Won’t Bend… Sort Of


With all of the recent fuss about the flexibility of smartphones, Samsung decided to put up instead of shutting up about the Galaxy Note 4. Recently, they posted a video on their blog of a robot replica of an over-sized buttocks in mom jeans to prove that the phone won’t brake. The point of the […]

Basic Understanding of Google Adwords (Infographic)


In order to maximize your company’s return on investment (ROI), it’s paramount that you (or your staff) learns as much about Adwords as possible. Most companies are able to drive traffic and increase sale while utilizing a pay per click channel simply because they take the time to research and refine. Here’s a nice Infographic […]

An Open Letter to the Mother that I Never Knew


I know that we haven’t had the opportunity to know one another like a child and his nurturer should. At times I have felt lost in this world without the security of your being by my side. I wish we’d had the chance to reciprocate the thoughts, feelings and ideas that a mother and her […]

Follow Us for Live Updates on Social Good Summit 2014

social good summit

The fifth installment of the Social Good Summit 2014 has begun in New York City and has become bigger than ever! The summit, which is schedule for September 21st and 22nd will cover some topics such as: Proliferation of Technology Global Education Opportunities Climate Change Join the conversation on social media using #2030NOW! Also, follow […]

Growth Hacking Strategies to Increase Website Traffic (Infographic)


You’re a start up company that’s looking to gain some viewers immediately. However, due to your budget, you’re not quite ready to begin a PPC (Adwords) campaign just yet. Check out this infographic the gain knowledge of some simple Growth Hacking Strategies to increase web traffic. Courtesy of Web Power Up

Hubspot Inbound 2014 Live Updates!


Over 10,000 marketers have descended upon Boston for the four day extravaganza known as Inbound 2014. The annual conference features speakers in the industry of online marketing, as well as, the unveiling of new products. Check out live updates all day, right here, below! #inbound14 Tweets

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